Henry Moret (1856-1913)

24th June - 4th October 2021

A bard of the light on the Brittany coast, Henri Moret remains even today a little known artist. Few elements illuminate his biography other than his early settlement in Lorient and then in Bas-Pouldu and his discreet companionship with Gauguin, Filiger, Sérusier and De Haan. After 1895, Moret's palette underwent an increasingly obvious evolution towards a clear painting that favoured atmospheric effects. His closeness to the Impressionists' dealer, Durand-Ruel, could only encourage him to do so. His last paintings reflect, in parallel with the research of Monet, a gradual dissolution of the subject which royally asserts itself in the freedom of the brush.
The exhibition organised in Quimper brings together nearly a hundred works that illustrate the development of a painter who witnessed the great upheavals in painting at the end of the 19th century. Its aim is to highlight his essential contribution to the history of art in Brittany, but also, quite simply, to open a window onto the vast horizons he transcribed so well

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